Weather in London: When the 29C European heatwave could hit the capital

After a heat wave in July brought us to the summer, it hasn’t been summer for a while and we all check our weather apps twice a day in the hope that the rain will finally subside and the sunny weather will return.

Fortunately for us, it looks like we won’t have to wait long as a heat wave will hit Europe in mid-August.

In France, highs of 36 ° C are then forecast, and as soon as the high pressure spills over to Great Britain, temperatures in London will rise to 29 ° C, according to The Express.

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Forecaster Netweather shows hot air over Europe on August 19th, with the heatmaps turning a deep shade of red.

The BBC and the Met Office also agree that hotter temperatures will come in late August.

The Met Office forecast for August 20 through September 3 says, “Temperatures will likely be above average, with the potential for hotter weather later in the month with likely below-average rainfall.”

The BBC is even more optimistic, suggesting that “summery weather” and “warmer, more tropical air” will return in the second half of August.

In the forecast of the BBC between the 16.

“Drier weather should spread from the south, and this will also bring a warmer, more tropical air mass to the UK.

“Temperatures should be warmer than normal by the end of August, with some very warm or hot days possible if the high pressure rushes over the head for too long.

“If the high above us continues, a heat wave can develop, but confidence is low.

“The chances of heat increase later in the month, but the high pressure needs to get in the right place for it to unfold.”

That’s enough to give us hope.

What will you do if we get another heatwave? Let us know in the comments below.

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