Under 18s have a minimal chance of dying from Covid-19 | London business news

The likelihood that children will die from the coronavirus is very low, according to a new study.

Today’s research shows that in the first year of the pandemic, only 25 children and teenagers in England died from Covid – just 0.005% of those infected with the virus.

Nineteen of the deaths occurred in children with an underlying health condition, with 13 of them attributable to complex neurological disabilities, according to results from three studies conducted by scientists from universities across the country.

Dr. Elizabeth Whittaker, a pediatric infectious disease researcher and advisor at Imperial College London, said, “These data would suggest that you must have very little risk for the vaccine to justify giving it to all healthy children.

“You can do the math,” said Dr. Whittaker. “It’s very low risk and it’s self-limiting.”

“The CDC” [US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control] and the World Health Organization [WHO] conduct an exam to find out how many of these young people needed intensive care or immunomodulatory therapy.

“This information is still pending and I suspect the JCVI is waiting for this data to come through.”

London Herald