The surprisingly normal village 20 miles from London, home to Andy Murray and a whole host of football players

Less than 20 miles from central London in northeast Surrey, this village appears to be a natural home for some of the greatest stars in British sport.

The residents include Wimbledon, Premier League and Champions League winners.

Still, if you take a trip around the village, you will be forgiven for having absolutely no idea about its famous residents.

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You would be forgiven for walking around Oxshott without realizing how close you have come to a number of world-famous names

General views of the Welcome to Oxshott Village Sign, Copsem Lane, Oxshott

The village of Oxshott has a modest population of just under 5,000 and has existed for nearly 1,000 years, known as Occesete in 1179.

You can get to Waterloo in just 38 minutes from Oxshott Train Station, which gives residents great transport links into the city, which may explain why the rich and famous love it so much.

Amenities available include a nearby village elementary school and a number of nearby private and international secondary and preparatory schools.

Oxshott has a great pub

There is also a sports club, a range of shops, and a pub and brasserie where residents can eat or have a pint.

The village has a significant number of residential houses and parishes, most of which are occupied by famous names.

Andy and Kim now have four children together and have a lovely family life in their Surrey home

Andy and wife Kim have four children together and have a lovely family life in their Oxshott home

Perhaps the most iconic of them is the two-time Wimbledon and Olympic champion Andy Murray, 34, who does not yet live in the village with his wife Kim, 33, and their four children Sophia, 5, Edie, 3, Teddy, 1 and their ace 1 publicly named baby who was born in March.

One of Andy’s neighbors happens to be another national sports star, ex-English football player turned expert Jamie Redknapp, 48, whom Andy has embarrassed to admit that Kim has a bit of a crush.

Andy admitted that Ms. Kim has a crush on her neighbor and football expert Jamie Redknapp

Andy admitted that Ms. Kim has a crush on her neighbor and football expert Jamie Redknapp

Elsewhere in the village lives another former English player and Champions League winner, John Terry, 40.

He owns a number of properties in the area as part of his growing real estate empire, which is believed to be worth around £ 40 million.

One of John Terry's Oxshott properties that he bought in 2014 and actually downsized from his previous mansion

INS News Agency Ltd … 12.09.2014 ************** Picture of Vagner Vidal ************** John Terry has bought the former home of the Golfer’s Colin Montgomerie – just half a mile from the sprawling estate the Chelsea captain sold for £ 16m earlier this year. Terry, who made an estimated £ 10 million profit on the sale of the mansion to Qaboos bin Said, the Sultan of Oman in January, has effectively downsized to the seven-bedroom home in Moles Hill, Oxshott, Surrey.

There’s even a £ 16 million mega-mansion owned by the Sultan of Oman that was sold to him by John Terry before moving to another location in the village.

Other notable names who have lived or lived in the village in the recent past include David Lloyd, who is a tennis and now a gym empire, former soccer players Graeme Le Saux and Didier Drogba, and muse bass player Chris Wolstenholme.

You can never guess from the pictures of the village, which looks like a normal one!

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