The new London Underground map shows the closest green spaces to each underground station

For those of us who live in London’s concrete jungle, we may never have valued green spaces more than we did during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For psychologists who have long recognized the positive effects nature has on mental health and well-being, this is not surprising.

But since it feels like we only get about two hours of sunlight these days before we are plunged into the wintry darkness, it can be difficult to go outside and soak up a bit of good, old-fashioned green.

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You will be surprised how many green spaces there are in our capital

Now residents have no excuses, however, as a new “London Underground Map” shows the closest green spaces to each tube station.

Whether you’re looking for green space in the suburbs or little hidden gems in the heart of Zone 1, the maps will show you which tube stations will give you the fastest access to London’s best parks.

Research conducted by OVO has shown that you are never more than a six-minute walk from your nearest park on any subway line.

So now you have an easy way to make your lunch break a little more relaxed or even to take a break after work if you leave a little earlier.

The circular line

The Circle Line offers huge green spaces along its route 35. So if your office is on Baker Street, Barbican, or Blackfriars, you have plenty of choices when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors.

The Circle Line has the lowest average walking distance to a green space – just three minutes.

Any Circle Line stop and any nearest park

Any Circle Line stop and any nearest park

Bakerloo line

With 25 stations along the Bakerloo Line, there are plenty of options for those looking for that daily dose of nature.

The average walk to any of these parks from Bakerloo stops is just five minutes, so you’ll be enjoying the greenery in no time.

Any stop on the Bakerloo line and any nearest park

Center line

The Central Line has a huge 49 green stops. It takes an average of six minutes to walk from a stop on the Central line to a green area. So if you use this line a lot, make sure to visit occasionally.

The closest green spaces on the Central Line at each stop

District line

There is no shortage of green spaces on the green line.

The District line has the most stops of all London Underground lines at a huge 59.

No matter what type of green space you’re looking for, chances are the District line can get you there. The average walking distance to these “green stops” is five minutes, so your journey into the countryside will never be too long.

The Green Line has a lot of green areas

Hammersmith and City line

From the Hammersmith and City Line, drivers can reach 29 green stops across London.

The average length of the walk to any of these locations is four minutes. So, if you’ve postponed a trip to the great outdoors because you find it uncomfortable, think again. The Hammersmith and City Natural Areas are calling!

The next green spots from Hammersmith and City Lime

Anniversary line

The Jubilee Line stops totaling 27, with a variety of green spaces.

They are all within an average of five minutes’ walk, making the Jubilee Line a great option for anyone looking to explore London’s great outdoors.

Jubilee Line green spaces

Metropolitan line

There are 33 potential “green stops” along the Metropolitan Line to visit when you need a break from the cityscape. It has the longest average walk to a green space at six minutes, but it’s well worth the reward.

Don’t be fooled by the name Metropolitan, that you can’t go outdoors

Waterloo and City Lines

The Waterloo and City Line only has two green stops: the stunning Festival Gardens and the picturesque Waterloo Millennium Green.

Either of these would be a great excursion if you’re in search of the great outdoors, and the average walking distance is only five minutes. Perfect.

The Waterloo & City Line is short and sweet, but have you looked at the next green spots?

Victoria Line

There are only 16 stops along the Victoria Line, but there are some really great ones. The average walking distance between the stations and the green is only three minutes, so if you have one in your sights you will get there in no time.

The Victoria Line is home to St. James’s Park and some hidden gems

Piccadilly Line

The Piccadilly Line follows the Northern Line and has 50 stops spread across London along its route. You can expect an average walking distance of five minutes from the stops.

The Piccadilly Line is, of course, home to Finsbury Park

North line

With the second busiest stops of any line in London, the Northern Line gives you unobstructed access to 52 green spaces across the city. The route from the train station to nature takes an average of five minutes on this line.

Last but not least, we have the north line

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