The head of the London group criticizes the “chaos” of the new guidelines on social distancing in the workplace

London First’s John Dickie has requested urgent clarification as most legal restrictions will be lifted from tomorrow

The chairman of a leading London group has urged the government to urgently clear the confusion over their new guidelines for employers on Covid safety in the workplace, saying: “We have moved from clarity about social distancing in the workplace to chaos.”

John Dickie of London First, who appeared on Politics London this morning, said that while his organization was “delighted” that the government’s home work order will be lifted tomorrow, “we will.” are dissatisfied with the kind of guidelines that companies have “. now given over social distancing ”.

Dickie went on to explain, saying there is “a significant level of uncertainty for companies about health and safety regulations, labor law issues companies face, and about employer liability when people contract Covid. We urgently need a step by the government to clarify this situation for companies. “

Almost all legal restrictions in England on social contact will be lifted from tomorrow and replaced by a number of government recommendations and expectations, including guidelines for step four of ensuring job security if the rules are relaxed.

Shops in central London have signaled a myriad of approaches to where employees are likely to work during the pandemic, and recent research has shown that a significant number of the city’s employees are looking to work permanently outside the Square Mile.

However, Goldman Sachs CEO Richard Gnodde said last week that his company is interested in getting employees back to their London base and that they will continue to wear face covers at work, although it will no longer be mandatory as of tomorrow.

Dickie, who underscored his support for Sadiq Khan, who urged Transport for London to keep mandatory face-covering on their services, stressed that “the most important thing we have to do for Central London in the next four, five six months is more People back. “

This would mean reminding people of “all the great things that make London so special and that people enjoy about London, whether it be to the pub or the theater after work” through “a really effective campaign to sell the” crackle of London for people working in London and for people from outside London in the summer and in the coming months ”especially in the absence of overseas visitors.

Dickie added: “If we want to do this sustainably, we also have to properly finance our public transport.”

When asked if the capital was permanently changed by the virus, Dickie said, “London is always changing, London is always different. The basic attractiveness of cities, to bring many, many different people together, to exchange ideas, to design, to be innovative, will not change that. The pandemic will not change the state of humanity. London has been through many pandemics and has made a strong recovery. “

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