The expert warns that the fourth wave “could easily take off again” | London business news

An expert has warned the public that a fourth wave of the virus “could easily take off again” as lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

If caution is not exercised in the coming weeks, a new wave of infections could emerge in the UK, warned Dr. Jenny Harries, the deputy chief physician.

Dr. Harries said the data showing cases have now fallen below 100 per 100,000 population is “a gratifying picture, but one that I think comes with caution.”

Speaking to a press conference on Downing Street, she told a press conference, “But it’s not uniform across the country so it’s really important that we keep practicing social distancing, hands, face and space like the Prime Minister said, and continue to practice all of ours Watch hand washing. “

Dr. Harries added, “You can see the rate is now about where it was in late September.

“So it’s still a pretty high level. “This is a level that a new wave could easily take off again and we have to stick with all of these actions.”

London Herald