The all-new London look: get Canary Wharf’s green glow up at home for less than £70

Canary Wharf, London’s central business district, has traded its corporate exterior for a greener look, transforming its neutral walls with over 12,000 plants into an expansive living wall display. The team behind this transformation explains how any home or garden can get the same look, adopting the aesthetic while reaping the health and wellbeing benefits of plants.

The district’s green makeover was achieved using 3,000 PlantBoxes, a clever and versatile living wall product and creates a green city-centre serenity that many strive to achieve in the home. Growing Revolution, creator and manufacturer of PlantBox, has revealed how, by using the same system, a living wall is achievable at home even if you only have 60 centimeters squared of wall space.

Matt Lindsay, General Manager at Growing Revolution, the company behind PlantBox, said: “Getting the newly vibrant and thriving Canary Wharf look at home is far more achievable than you may think. Not only do living walls look great, introducing plants into the home and garden is also proven to improve air quality and can even reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and other health issues[i]. That’s why at Growing Revolution we’re keen to break down the view that only those with a garden can reap the rewards plants offer.

“A living wall is completely customizable to your space, light and plant preferences. You can easily create a breathing wall of houseplants inside or turn a plain outdoor wall into a productive vertical garden. A living wall means you can reconnect with nature, just like those living and working in Canary Wharf, without taking up valuable floorspace or needing access to a traditional garden.”

Those in awe of the Canary Wharf living walls will delight in knowing they can get the look at home from just £68 and with less than a meter of wall space. As a modular system, the PlantBox can be extended, reconfigured or moved and only requires restraint fixings to your wall, fence or railings allowing for future flexibility and making it a perfect option for renters too.

With a 1.8 liter water reservoir within the PlantBox system, plants draw up the water they need offering novice gardeners peace of mind and reassurance that their plants aren’t over or under-watered.

Matt Lindsay, Managing Director at Growing Revolution added: “There is an incredible amount of creative license that people can take with expressing themselves through magnificent, living, breathing structures in their home.

“I love a living wall complete with a collection of ferns like Lonicera and Polystichum that love to soak up the sun and stretch their arms out, creating a hanging forest type look. I would also recommend using a vertical garden to create your own mini allotment, complete with fresh strawberries, mint, lemon balm and other seasonal produce.

“We look forward to a future where nature has become a greater part of our daily lives and living walls are an ideal way to get started.”

Growing Revolution is one of the UK’s leading living wall suppliers. With its innovative PlantBox product, it is helping more people access green space. Made from 100% recycled materials and with a cascading watering system that simplifies plant care, its product was a 2021 RHS Chelsea Sustainable Garden Product of the Year finalist. Visit to find out more and shop.

London Herald