Suspect arrested after pursuing police following a reported attack on a supermarket in New London

BEDFORD COUNTY, Virginia (WDBJ) – A 26-year-old man was arrested Saturday after leading police on a chase through the north end of Bedford County.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s office says they responded to a call about a man who assaulted several people in the New London Food Lion supermarket. The suspect was escaping in his vehicle when MPs arrived and led the authorities in a lengthy pursuit before tire deflators were deployed.

Jeffrey Ray Johnson II was arrested after driving his vehicle along Rt. 501 (Lee Jackson Highway) and presented a brief battle.

“Currently, some of the charges are:

Police evading crime

Crimes against law enforcement agencies

Capital offenses for drug possession

Serious crime Transport of firearms during a warrant

Firearm with drugs criminal offense

Driving under the influence

Driving ban ”

Further fees are pending. He is being detained in the adult detention center in Bedford.

The Virginia State Police and the Town of Bedford Police also helped.

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