Royals give £ 2.5million annually on energy bills

According to, the comparison and intermediation service, the royal family spends an estimated £ 2.5 million a year on energy bills in their ten most iconic palaces and castles.

Buckingham Palace is the UK’s most expensive royal residence, with 775 rooms, 77,000 square feet and a swimming pool, and costs £ 1.1 million a year. Windsor Castle has the second highest energy bill at £ 393,523 and Kensington Palace is third at £ 260,448.

The queen has made efforts to make her palaces more sustainable. A network of 60 smart meters monitors the use of the entire royal estate and tests more efficient LED lighting.

Windsor Castle, the oldest occupied castle in the world, is slashing electricity bills by 40% thanks to a hydroelectric power station on the Thames which saves the Queen about £ 262,349 a year and takes her off a potential bill of £ 655,872.

London Herald