PwC ‘to close offices at Christmas to save energy’ – London Business News

One of the UK’s largest accountancy firms will close most of its offices over Christmas and New Year for the first time to save on energy bills.

The BBC reports that PwC, which employs about 24,000 people, will shut its main London office from 23 December to 3 January, as well as some smaller sites.

PwC chairman Kevin Ellis said having all offices open over the festive period “doesn’t make sense at a time of energy scarcity”.

PwC has 19 offices across the UK.

Most staff will be taking annual leave over Christmas, but the Covid pandemic has meant that working remotely from home is now common practice.

Mr Ellis said that staff wanted the company to “do our bit to reduce energy consumption”.

“Office life is hugely important to our culture and business,” he said. “But having all our offices open over the holiday period doesn’t make sense at a time of energy scarcity.”

London Herald