Panic buyers are “ruthless, selfish and greedy as small business owners get lost financially” – London Business News

Small business owners have panicked buyers as they are financially lost as they have no fuel to deliver their goods to customers.

The fuel buying panic has now reached its sixth day, with motorists still standing in line for hours despite being told not to by the government.

Within days, 90% of gas stations across the UK run out of gas and diesel and the huge demand has driven fuel prices soaring, which will affect small businesses.

Jez Lamb, founder of Wirral-based craft beer marketplace Beers @ No.42, said panic buyers are “ruthless, selfish, greedy, the list goes on.

“As a company that has grown by personally delivering to our local customers, I now face the challenge of not having enough fuel to get around, run my business, and earn a living.”

Wendy Ward of Sheffield charity fundraising specialist Let’s Save also said, “Why on earth would you fill your car with gasoline and jerry cans unless you are doing community work, emergency medical services, or a key worker?

“How selfish it is to take more than your fair share.”

The government has come under fire, but Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps defended criticism of the government for being slow to mobilize the army amid the fuel crisis

Shapps said, “There are a number of escalations that go through in a crisis like this.

“We have already set up 18 different levels that go back to the source.

“The system was just done doing that until last weekend, and it would have been able to keep doing it.

“Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with toilet paper and other things, it can escalate quickly once people start tracking a certain item.

“But you can only pour so much gasoline into tanks. That begins to work its way through. “

Shapps also condemned motorists who filled plastic water bottles with gasoline.

He added, “It’s dangerous and extremely unhelpful.”

The RAC warned Monday that every forecourt across the UK will now have to fill up at the same time due to panic buying by drivers that would put “incredible pressure” on the supply chain.

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesman, said: “We urge the government to do everything in their power to close the gaps in the supply chain and keep shipments moving forward.

“But since so many drivers refueled at the weekend, the overall demand is likely to be lower as long as the fuel is returned to the forecourt in the next few days.”

Panic buyers have also contributed to pump prices, which will be “a pretty bleak picture for motorists”.

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