Nhow London – business traveler

There are 199 rooms on floors 1-8, including a suite on the first seven floors and a penthouse on the top floor. All of this is in the angled top of the building, so it overlooks City Road and Macclesfield Road, although this is simply across from another block of college dorms I believe. Entry-level superior rooms (20-28 sq m) have bed lights on black lacquered bulldog lamp stands shaded by a black and white map of London streets, and a red hand affixed to the wall as an art installation, albeit a rather odd one a large mural of the Queen on the unfinished concrete wall, with another of an old British monarch in the bathrooms.

On our bedroom walls was written “London Calling” in large letters, the work table is against the wall with a lamp and many sockets and there is a comfortable armchair by the window. All rooms have free tea and coffee making facilities (Dilmah teas with a large teapot and a coffee machine). The suites have Marshall sound systems and bathrooms.

London Herald