Manchester Mayor denies “slagging” London

The Mayor of Greater Manchester has denied “slagging” London.

Labour’s so-called “King of the North” Andy Burnham was a MP for Leigh from 2001 to 2017 when he stepped down to run for Greater Manchester Mayor.

Mr Burnham has often called for better funding for the north of England, arguing that London is being treated more fairly.

He said this morning at an event held during the annual Labor Convention, “It’s not about bringing down London, it’s about saying, ‘What about us?'”

He also called for better transport funding for the northern regions.

His remarks followed the comments of the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in a sideline: “One of the things we have to do is remind our friends from the north in our own party why London bashing, talking down London is not useful is way to a national recovery.

“The message to those in our party who think that it is good to destroy London is that without a rest in London you will not get a national rest.”

When asked about Mr. Khan’s comments, Mr. Burnham said, “I commend London in many ways … It has excellent public transport systems.”

London Herald