London’s Euston Station staff have been trained to deliver Covid-19 shots

Euston Station staff were taught how to distribute blasts of Covid-19 to aid vaccination in London.

Five customer service agents have been “specially trained” to help the NHS implement the Oxford-Astra Zeneca and Pfizer pushes.

Network Rail employees trained skilled health professionals for a day before completing an e-learning module and final assessment.

Two of the customer service representatives who are now ready to respond are Layla Cardoso and Dave Allen.

Dave was commended for having worked by Kings throughout the pandemic in December when he met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their special trip to thank key workers.

The staff practiced on dummies before trying it on human patients

He said, “I thought it would be a great honor to meet William and Kate, but the chance to take this training to give members of the public Covid-19 vaccines is that itself.

“I really missed the interactions with passengers as most people had to stay at home and off public transport.

Euston station staff have been trained to deliver covid shocks

“The fact that I am now literally going to save people’s lives by getting people vaccinated against this terrible disease has really blown my mind.”

Layla added, “Network Rail staff have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep the trains running for key workers, moving goods up and down the country and now having the opportunity to watch the vaccine roll out to contribute.

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“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help the North London community fight the virus, get us out of lockdown and get passengers back to Euston Station.”

Middlesex University’s Clinical Skills team and the Department of Nursing and Obstetrics directed the large vaccination training program for the North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group

After completing the training, the vaccines will be ready to volunteer at the planned vaccination centers, which are due to open shortly.

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