Londoners confused when the video is filmed by DJs taking over East London Road performing in front of a crowd by a man with a parrot on his shoulder

Londoners were confused after filming a DJ and two MCs playing in front of a lonely man with a parrot on his shoulder in East London.

London is often home to the weird and the wonderful and this was shown through this event that was captured on video.

The strange mix of people, music and performers was the perfect scene to sum up London’s craziness.

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The video shows two men singing to the public along a main street in Hackney. One of the men they sing for has a big red parrot on his shoulder.

The man and his big red parrot are visibly enjoying the show and he is dancing to the uplifting performance.

Two school children passing by couldn’t hide their amusement at the strange hustle and bustle that always seems to fill the streets of London.

The Ragga Twins are the ones who sing and are supported by the homebass sound system.

The video was titled “Only in London” and described the capital as “the center of the universe”.

Commentators on the post found the event hilarious. One said, “So many strange things are happening, the man with the parrot, smiling face.”

One said, “A wonderful example of why London is the best place in the world to live.”

Another said: “I have to respect the good mood.”

Another simply put: “Perfect”.

The video was posted on social media and has also received support from other countries.

Americans and Germans are among the fans who complement the music being played.

However, the man with the parrot on his shoulder seems to be stealing the show and the two actors have to take a back seat.

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