London Weather: Hour by hour forecast for this weekend’s sunshine (and when it might rain)

Londoners are expecting a warm weekend with temperatures in the capital rising to the high teens on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re hoping to enjoy some time in the sunshine, Sunday looks like a better bet – but both days are set to be pleasant.

This week’s warm weather in the south of England saw conditions come close to being the hottest of the year so far. The mercury rose to 23.3C (73.9F) at St James’s Park in London, just shy of the 23.4C (74.1F) recorded on April 15 at the same location, the Met Office said.

For the most part of this weekend is set to be a sunny one in the capital. From 8am today (Saturday the temperature is set to rise from 13C to 16C by midday. It is expected to remain at 16C until 2pm until we see the highs of the day come between 3pm and 6pm where temperatures will be between 17C and 18C.

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It will then slowly get cooler until 11pm with overnight temperatures at around 13C. It is meant to be cloudy with the chance of rain at 1pm and 5pm.

On Sunday (May 8) the weather starts to pick up and early risers can expect to wake up to some cloud at 8am which quickly turns to sun at 9am which then carries on throughout the day until dusk.

From 8am to 1pm the mercury is expected to rise from 10C to 16C where it then reaches highs of 17C that last from 2pm to 8pm. It is expected to be sunny all day without any rain. Giving Londoners a positive outlook on the weekend weather, meteorologist Dan Stroud said there will be “decent sunny spells” across much of England and Wales.

He said: “We’re thinking at the moment we’re going to see a legacy of cloud and outbreaks of rain clear in the south-east on Saturday morning and then brightening up from the north and the west,” he said. “Some decent sunny spells and feeling rather warm in the sunshine across many areas of England and Wales.

“Temperatures a bit cooler further north, closer to the seasonal average in Northern Ireland and Scotland.” He added: “We’re going to see temperatures generally above average for a good portion of next week but the caveat will be that there will be bands of cloud and rain around at times so it’s not plain sailing unfortunately all the way through.

“There is a hint that we might see something warmer towards the back end of next week and running into the following weekend but that’s a long way off.”.

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