London Street “so unhealthy that the only way to get a salad is with a burger”

Redbridge Council has been asked to take action on “the district’s most unhealthy street”.

Concerned Resident Linda Ray says the only way to get a salad on Ilford Lane is with a burger, fearing school kids may not have healthy options.

After seeing that two more food stalls were to be opened to complement the 39 shops already traded on the mile-long street – one every 50 meters when they were distributed – she turned to Council Chairman Jas Athwal.

Ms. Ray, 49, who has lived in the area since 1987, said, “You can’t get a salad on Ilford Lane unless it’s a burger.

Salad is often added to take-away burgers.

“After school you only see kids with chicken and fries, and while that will never stop you, you don’t see this on High Street, in Wanstead, or in Snaresbrook.

“I think it’s like a class system. Not many people oppose it because we’re a passing population or because people don’t know how. That’s why we have so many problems.

“It has to be cheaper[für Unternehmen]to be down here, but it works to our disadvantage. We should leave burgers for the main street. “[Forbusinesses)tobedownherebutit’stoourdetrimentWeshouldleaveburgersforthehighstreet”[forbusinesses)tobedownherebutit’stoourdetrimentWeshouldleaveburgersforthehighstreet”

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Ms. Ray said she was particularly concerned about the high rate of diabetes in Redbridge, with almost one in ten residents suffering from the disease in 2019.

Responding on Twitter to the upcoming opening of a new eatery, Burger Base, she added, “Does Ilford Lane need another fast food bar? This is the most unhealthy street in Redbridge.

“Jas Athwal was informed of this and nothing was done. Ilford Lane is brought to its knees by mismanagement. ”

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Redbridge Council has no control over which businesses open in the community unless they need a license to stay open later than normal or sell alcohol, for example.

Takeaway BIMs on Ilford Lane eventually got the right to stay open later in December after meeting the council for months and being fined £ 1,000 for breaking the curfew.

Comment was requested from Redbridge Council but has not yet responded.

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