London politics latest LIVE: Tory candidates need support of 100 MPs to have chance of replacing Liz Truss


iz Truss announced on Thursday she was quitting after just 44 days in No10, becoming Britain’s shortest serving Prime Minister.

Speaking in Downing Street at roughly 1.30pm, she told the nation she was resigning after an open revolt by Tory MPs against her chaotic and crisis-hit premiership.

She announced she was going after holding talks with Sir Graham Brady, chair of the influential 1922 committee of Conservative MPs, and her closest allies, Deputy Prime Minister Therese Coffey and Tory chairman Jake Berry.

The Conservatives now faced a race to choose a new leader, with the party bitterly divided. Any candidate needs to be backed by 100 MPs by 2pm on Monday.

Ms Truss’s decision to stand down means she becomes the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history.

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The expected candidates:

Boris Johnson – said by allies to be interested in running and returning to power, currently on holiday in the Caribbean

Rishi Sunak – The runner up to Liz Truss is widely expected to go for the top job again

Suella Braverman – Arguably her resignation brought about Liz Truss’s demise and popular in the right wing of the party

Penny Mordaunt – A possible contender as a unity candidate and is seen as a safe pair of hands

Kemi Badenoch – Relatively inexperienced but seen as a rising star in the Conservative Parliamentary Party

Confirmed to not be running:

Jeremy Hunt, James Cleverly, Michael Gove

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Boris Johnson’s father says he hopes his son will run to be Tory leader

Boris Johnson’s father Stanley has said he hopes his son will run to become prime minister again.

Mr Johnson senior told TalkTV’s Piers Morgan Uncensored: “Frankly I have no idea whether Boris is going to be a candidate in this election, no idea at all, but I think he has a very strong record to be considered as a viable candidate and I very much hope he will let his name go forward.”

Despite his son’s divisive reputation, Mr Johnson insisted that he could be a unifying force within the Conservative Party if he won.

“Boris is my elder son. He’s going to be crucial in uniting these warring parts of the Tory party,” he said.


Four in five back truss’s resignation

Four in five Britons back Liz Truss’s resignation, according to a survey.

Some 79 per cent of people believed the Prime Minister was right to resign, YouGov polls show.

The figures mirror dire polling results for the Tories, with Labor holding a lead of over 30 points in multiple polls.


Irish premier requests a swift Tory leadership to bring stability

The Irish premier asked that a new British Prime Minister be selected quickly in order to bring about stability in the wake of Liz Truss’s resignation.

In recent days and weeks, Irish ministers had emphasized how Ireland is closely linked to the UK economy and the need for stability ahead of what is expected to be a difficult winter.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin told reporters in Brussels that “we would like to see the UK system, within its capacity, to be in a position to have a successor selected as quickly as possible”.


Nadine Dorries says she will backing Boris Johnson and that he may enter leadership race with social media post

MP Nadine Dorries, who served in Boris Johnson’s cabinet, said she would back a bid by him to regain the keys to No 10.

She said that she has spoken to Johnson, who is on holiday in the Caribbean, and that “you’ll need to find out on social media” suggesting he was preparing to officially announce standing in the conservative leadership race.


Minister claims Labor will struggle when Tories get ‘strong new leader’

A minister has claimed that the Labor party will struggle to offer a vision to the country once the Tories get a “strong new leader”.

Paul Scully, leveling up minister, said: “I think Keir Starmer and the Labor Party will be found wanting because they can chip away, as an opposition would do, but we’ve got to deliver for people and I’m not sure I ‘ve seen anything from the Labor Party that suggests they’ve got any vision.”

On whether the Tories can recover in the polls and win the next election, he added: “We’ve certainly got a fight on our hands but it all comes back to delivering because people want a strong leadership that will actually show the support for their energy prices and for the cost of living pressures.

“We’ve got two years to show that we’ve tackled that, we’ve got the medium-term growth to get inflation out of our system but then be able to give people hope for the next five years to meet their aspirations, that’s how you win the next election.”


UK-Irish relations ‘back to instability again’

Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney has spoken of his frustration at “being back to instability again” in terms of relations with the UK following the resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss.

“The meetings between Liz Truss and the Taoiseach were also much better in terms of tone than we had seen for some time,” Mr Coveney told RTE.

“The frustration for us is we are back to instability again, I had the privilege of being foreign minister for five years, in that time I have dealt with six secretaries of state for Northern Ireland, five foreign secretaries and now it’s going to be four prime ministers.

“And we’re trying to get complex issues negotiated and we’re trying to find compromises in a very heated and difficult political environment, particularly in the context of Northern Ireland.

“From an Irish perspective this isn’t really about the personalities, it’s about stability and about having a partner to negotiate with that can help us solve problems together.”


UK will continue to support Ukraine, says minister

Defense minister Baroness Goldie has issued reassurance that, whoever takes over from Liz Truss as prime minister, the UK will remain steadfast in its resolve to support Ukraine against Russia’s illegal invasion.

When asked in the House of Lords whether she could provide certainty on this issue, Lady Goldie said: “Let me say, without a shadow of a doubt, yes.

“We have demonstrated, not just our political and our national will to support a country in peril, in need, and the victim of a quite outrageous breach of international law with this illegal incursion, we have demonstrated by deed what we are prepared to do by ourselves and in conjunction with Nato partners and with other allies across the globe as we assist Ukraine in defending itself against this really quite appalling and totally unjustified invasion.”


Shapps suggests he will continue as Home Secretary

New Home Secretary Grant Shapps has suggested he will stay on in the role despite the departure of Prime Minister Liz Truss, while also ruling himself out of the leadership contest.

He tweeted: “It’s a tremendous privilege to be leading the Home Office in its task of protecting the British people. Government goes on, despite the current political upheavals, and I will remain fully focused on the job as we select the next PM.”

He previously launched a failed campaign to become leader over the summer.


Senior Tory says Boris Johnson should ‘go back to the beach’

A senior Tory MP has urged Boris Johnson to “go back to the beach” amid reports he is set to cut his holiday short and launch a bid to become Prime Minister.

Former cabinet minister David Davis, one of the chief critics of Mr Johnson in the final days of his administration, said the country had too many “technical problems” that would not suit Mr Johnson’s political skillset.

Asked by LBC for his response to Mr Johnson’s alleged interest in returning to No10, he said: “I’d say, go back to the beach, frankly. Look, the sorts of problems we have to solve.

“We’ve got really big technical economic problems to solve. He’s not qualified for that.

“We’ve got really big follow-on problems after COVID on health care. That’s not really his is area anyway, you know. He’s a great exponent of other people’s work, and that’s not going to be feasible.

“The Prime Minister we get now is going to be front and centre, with the public, with the markets, with the unions, you know, all those things, difficult technical problems”, adding: “That’s not Boris’s area of ​​skill.”


Tory MP backs Sunak

Conservative MP Richard Holden (North West Durham) has given his backing to Rishi Sunak.

He told the PA news agency: “I think it has been difficult for everybody and I didn’t support Liz during the leadership but I was delighted when she offered me a junior position in the Government and wanted to help out and see her succeed.

“It has become clear that that’s just not possible and on a personal level I’m really saddened for her and I hope she’s going to be alright, this is a really tough thing to have gone through over the past few days and weeks.

“But more broadly the party’s now going to look to the future, we’re going to have a very quick leadership election, which is what’s in the national interest.

“I think there’s a couple of things for me which are overriding and those are basically competent and economic credibility.

“That’s at the core of what we need to deliver now, it’s what my constituents want to see… which is why I’m backing Rishi (Sunak).”

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