London politics latest LIVE: Boris Johnson to face probe for misleading House of Commons over partygate


Starmer refuses to call for General Election

Sir Keir Starmer did not call for a general election, but reiterated that he thinks Boris Johnson should go.

He said it is for the Prime Minister’s own MPs to “reflect on the situation” and decide if they are “still prepared to go on defending the indefensible”.

Asked if a general election should be called now, he said: “I think the Prime Minister’s lost trust, I don’t think he has the moral authority to lead, and I think he should go.

“Obviously I can’t force that – it’s for his own MPs to reflect on the situation they are in and decide for themselves whether they’re still prepared to go on defending the indefensible. I don’t think they should. I think they should call him to go.”


PM ‘must go’, says Lammy

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy tweeted: “The Conservatives’ humiliating climb-down on the inquiry into Boris Johnson’s law-breaking and lying shows he’s lost the confidence of his own MPs.

“The Prime Minister is a basket case. He must go.”


Starmer: PM has lost support of Tory MPs

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said Boris Johnson appeared to have lost the support of Conservative MPs.

Speaking to broadcasters, Sir Keir said: “I think the Prime Minister has already lost the trust of the public because he broke his own Covid rules.

“I think today we saw that he lost the confidence of his own MPs. The Government had an amendment, they pulled that.

“None of his MPs wanted to vote against the Labor amendment and I think the political mood changed today.

“You could feel it in the House of Commons, with lots of MPs thinking today, ‘I’m not any longer going to go on defending the indefensible’.”


Shadow chancellor says ‘honesty and integrity matter’

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves tweeted: “Honesty and integrity matter in our politics, and for our democracy.

“Today the Conservatives failed to stand up for either.

“Britain deserves better.”


PM ‘too distracted to lead the country’

Sir Ed added: “The country is facing some huge crises: the cost of living crisis here at home hitting millions of families and pensioners, as well as the international crisis in Ukraine.

“And we need a Prime Minister who can provide leadership, who isn’t distracted and who has the trust of the British people.

“It is pretty clear Boris Johnson has lost that trust and we have a Conservative Party incapable of taking the measures that are needed to restore trust.”


Davey: MPs are too embarrassed to back Johnson

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey has said that Tory MPs are “too embarrassed” to back Boris Johnson – but “too weak to sack him”.

He told the BBC that Mr Johnson had “lost people’s confidence.

“This is a prime minister who frankly isn’t up to the job,” he added.


PM made partygate promises ‘in good faith’

The Prime Minister did not mislead the Commons, but made comments about Partygate revelations “in good faith”, a minister has said.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Ellis told MPs: “As the Prime Minister said on the issue of whether he misled the House, his comments made to the House were in good faith.

“He has responded to the event for which he has received a fixed penalty notice.

“He made clear that he did not think at that time, that the event was in contravention of Covid rules, however he has apologised for his mistake, paid his fine and accepted the findings of the Metropolitan Police.

“There is a difference between a deliberate and an inadvertent situation and I think most people would accept that.”


Rayner: PM ‘leading the Tories into a sewer’

Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner said the “Prime Minister is leading the Conservative Party into the sewer”.

She added: “It’s now up to members opposite to decide whether they follow him. It is up to members to decide whether it is a red line for the Prime Minister of this country to break the ministerial code, break the trust of the British public and get away with it.

“As my honorable friend, the member for Rhondda said, the only way of getting to the bottom of this issue and regaining the public confidence in our democracy is by respecting the processes that have been created to enshrine the rules of our Parliament.

“Although, I will point out that this process that we are enacting now today is only in place because the Prime Minister has failed to do the decent thing and resign.”


Johnson to face parliamentary probe over partygate

MPs have agreed to refer Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a parliamentary investigation into whether he lied to the Commons about Downing Street parties taking place during coronavirus lockdowns.


Ministers ‘recognize seriousness’ of partygate

Government ministers recognize the seriousness of partygate, Paymaster General Michael Ellis has said in his closing argument for today’s debate.

He says: “At no time does the prime minister say that this issue is not important, it is important, and other things are also important”.

The vote is expected to take place at around 5pm.

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