London Food Bank breaks Thanksgiving Drive record (again) | CBC news

The London Food Bank is celebrating a record breaking Thanksgiving meal drive thanks to the generosity of the community.

During the 10-day action, Londoners collected 71,225 pounds of food, or 32,375 kg, a number that combined food and cash donations. The total broke last year’s record by nearly £ 2,000.

“It was surprising, beautiful and very encouraging,” said Glen Pearson, co-director of the London Food Bank.

“We went in hopes that we would get a little lower than last year because last year was a special COVID year … and people donated so much that we ended up with £ 2,000 more than the year before. Now they have reached this record again and pushed it even further. ”

Person said the increase in donations was remarkable given higher food costs during the pandemic.

The cost hike has also created greater needs from London families, with the number of people having access to the blackboard increasing 21 percent, Pearson said.

The board serves around 3,500 families each month, which Pearson says reaches around 8,000 people. In addition, the food bank supports agencies that offer food services.

“If you add them all up, it’s about 20,000 Londoners so it’s a lot and we need the Londoners to help us get there and they did,” he said.

While Thanksgiving is officially closed, Pearson said people can continue to donate this week. The donated amount will be added to the final invoice.

London Herald