London Covid: Door-to-door surge tests are currently taking place in two new districts of Croydon

Door-to-door coronavirus tests are currently being carried out in two districts of Croydon following the discovery of the new Brazilian variant.

On Friday (March 5), the government announced that a person with the variant had been identified as residing in the community.

A week of follow-up followed because the person left no contact information when they were tested.

Additional tests are currently taking place in South Norwood and Thornton Heath to identify more cases of the Covid-19 variant, although there is currently no evidence of further transmission.

Door-to-door testing started yesterday (Sunday March 7th). More testing options are expected to be announced this week. Surge protection lasts two weeks.

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Despite the advanced testing, there are no additional restrictions at South Norwood or Thornton Heath and normal lockout rules apply.

Rachel Flowers, Croydon’s Director of Public Health, said, “We are starting additional tests, shipping home test kits to some households starting Sunday, and will provide more information as soon as possible.

“If you are tested, you can help prevent the virus from spreading, protect yourself and your loved ones, while also providing a better understanding of this variant. There is currently no evidence that this variant of Covid-19 is more serious than others or that the vaccine would not protect against it. “

A Twitter user said certain zip codes should be published.

They wrote, “I’m in South Norwood and don’t have any door-to-door testers I live in. It would be nice to know which zip codes are involved.”

While another pointed out that if the variant had spread it would not stick to community boundaries, they said, “I hope the canny virus does not cross the line between Thornton Heath and SE19 [Upper Norwood]. ”

It is the second area in Croydon where surge testing has been introduced.

Further testing in New Addington and Fieldway should end today (March 8) following a case of the South African variant of the virus.

Residents of South Norwood and Thornton Heath who have any of the Covid-19 symptoms should continue to be tested in the usual way by booking or calling 119 at

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