Latest News on When Restaurants and Pubs Reopen After Coronavirus Lockdown

Boris Johnson announced his coronavirus reopening roadmap on Monday February 22nd. For London’s restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars it was a timetable – subject to change – that they could use to make some plans. But now another date is at the top of the calendar: March 3rd, when Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces the financial support these companies and their workers will hopefully bring to spring.

  • In order to reopen on these dates, restaurants will still need financial support. It is still a difficult time as Rishi Sunak’s March 3rd budget is key to her survival. With the tax break on business tariffs; Reduction of VAT from 20 to 5 percent; The job retention renewal program will expire in the next two months. Their renewal is vital for restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars. Without it, many will close before they have the opportunity to reopen.
  • With data comes expectations; with expectations comes noise; and with the noise comes the memory of the program Sunak touted to get restaurants back on their feet in summer 2020: eating out to help. While it brought in revenue and reluctant guests, the 2020 reopening is very different from this one.
  • Part of the fall-off against a choppy discount boom is the development of other markets, including meal sets. What began as a jumbled lifeline is now a ripe, interesting new frontier for what constitutes a restaurant – but will restaurant food survive the return of restaurant food?
  • Another hot novelty that will return for 2021 is food on the streets of central London, with Westminster Council reiterating its plans for the street that changed Soho, Chinatown, Fitzrovia and more central neighborhoods.

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