Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team launches youth program in London

The NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars will work with United Dragons to expand its popular sports program in London.

They will be hosting their contactless version of American football, JagTag, along with the Junior ROAR Dance Academy.

This will be able to accommodate 2,000 children in the program.

JagTag is already offered in over 350 different schools and over 85,000 children across the UK participate in the grassroots initiative every week.

Children are taught basic techniques of throwing, catching, dodging, and defending before gradually developing further as they gain more experience, eventually learning how to develop their own tactics in the game.

This Is Local London: JagTag is already being delivered to 350 schools across the UK (Jacksonville Jaguars)JagTag is already being delivered to 350 schools across the UK (Jacksonville Jaguars)

United Dragons director and founder Daryl Moore was delighted with the partnership perspective.

He said, “In addition to our traditional activities, we look forward to introducing new children to the growing sport of American football while ensuring that our next generation enjoys the health benefits of participating in our new program offerings.

Jacksonville Jaguar’s Senior Vice President, International Development, Hussain Naqi, hopes the new partnership will encourage more children to get involved in the sport.

He said: “JagTag is one of the most exciting initiatives we are doing in the UK and the kids are loving it. We are very excited to join forces with United Dragons, who have the ability to take our UK base programs to the next level and engage thousands more children and engage them.

“It has proven so popular with both boys and girls in the UK, which we are very excited about. JagTag is suitable for children of all levels and is a fantastic way to learn the basics of American football. ”

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