Food hotspots: Wingmans, Soho, Zara Shikder, Parmiter’s School

Are you looking for an exquisite and affordable restaurant to dine at during a day in London?

Wingmans is located in Soho’s most famous and hugely popular compound and sells ‘award-winning’ chicken wings and a variety of other American-style dishes.

As for the service, the waiters were calm and polite despite the midday rush. Our food came relatively quickly and was beautifully served (as you can see in the picture).

I had a chance to try their “Shanghai Oriental” chicken wings, originally inspired by Chinese street food culture. It was infused with spices and had a flawless, mind-blowing taste. While the portion size looked small at first glance, the wings were immensely filling.

Next to the wings was a plate of her hot fire fries; A change from your regular fries, they’ve been paired with smoky BBQ, ranch sauce and hot sauce to give your taste buds a savory flavor. Although there could have been more seasoning, the portion of fries was commendable and won’t let you down.

An additional note is that the restaurant is Halal certified, so all Muslims in the area can also enjoy the variety of meat dishes that are served.

Overall, the time spent at Wingman’s was definitely worth it, and this has to be a restaurant to add to your list of 2023 London restaurants.

London Herald