Declaration before ULEZ expansion – Center for London

Prior to the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone on Monday October 25th, Nick Bowes, Chief Executive of the Center for London said:

“The expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone is the most ambitious project of its kind in the world. All eyes will be on London to see how successful the ULEZ will be in cleaning up the capital.

“However, the ULEZ has its limits. It is an analog system in the digital age, based on technologies from 2003. Many gasoline and diesel vehicles are still exempt from the scheme, and extending the reach of a flat fee could encourage Londoners to drive more to get value from their daily payments. And less affluent Londoners who depend on their car for work and do not have the means to switch to a cleaner vehicle are particularly punished.

“With a view to COP26 next month, the Mayor of London should take this opportunity to be bold and launch plans to replace the growing patchwork of road charges with a simpler, smarter and fairer road charging system that will ensure road users for the true cost of a trip.

“A system of road tolls per mile would improve air quality, reduce congestion, encourage Londoners to walk, bike and use public transport, and help fill the yawning hole in Transport for London’s budget. Additional income could also top up the mayor’s scrapping bonus and help Londoners swap their polluting vehicle for a cleaner one.

London Herald