COP26: Government actively opposes ridiculous calls for “Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion” – London Business News

As the COP26 climate summit kicks off in Scotland on Sunday, Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said the government is “actively opposing the ridiculous calls made by” Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion (XR), as the government will never agree to the two groups’ doctrines.

The UK was among the top 5 greenest countries in 2020 as the country has an Environmental Performance Index (EPI) of 81.3.

In The Telegraph, Kwarteng wrote: “The innovative and entrepreneurial genius of British companies is already supporting this clean transition.”

He wrote about Insulate Britain and XR said they had chosen to get their messages across by occupying rooms illegally rather than marching.

He wrote: “We actively oppose the ridiculous calls of the Extinction Rebellion and the Insulate Britain roadblock, which believe the answer is excessive government intervention and tearful intrusion into people’s lives.”

Insulate Britain has created chaos for many people who go about their daily business as they repeatedly blockade the M25 and the M1 and M4.

The Secretary of Commerce’s strategy is to promote a greener economy that will help UK businesses thrive through new opportunities.

Kwarteng wrote: “Let’s make sure that the UK becomes a producer and exporter, not a customer and importer.

“The way to solve this problem is not a planned economy, but the British way: science, innovation and new technologies, driven by private companies and the beauty of capitalism.

“We understand the power of our valued free market economy to harness private capital and unleash Britain’s unique entrepreneurship to develop new technologies and build new industries.”

“Recent volatile gas prices around the world have highlighted the urgent need to end our reliance on fossil fuels, particularly foreign oil and gas,” he wrote.

“Leaving our energy supply to other countries is simply unsustainable and leaves the British people at the mercy of excessive global price fluctuations that are completely beyond our control.”

“We want to ensure our own energy independence by generating nuclear, wind, hydrogen and solar energy in this country.

“We have to move to a self-built, sovereign energy system in which we can supply our country with renewable energies that are generated in this country and not elsewhere.”

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