British Airways shares up 10% after US travel ban lifted – London Business News

Shares in International Airlines Group (IAG), which owns British Airways, are up 10% as the US lifts travel bans on fully vaccinated British passengers in November.

Sean Doyle, CEO and Chairman of BA, said the “world is opening again” to passengers.

Doyle said: “Today’s news that our two nations are reunited after more than 18 months marks a historic moment and one that will hugely boost the global UK after this pandemic.

“We are immensely grateful to the Prime Minister and his administration for all the hard work that has gone into reaching this agreement with the US, building on last Friday’s announcement that many travel restrictions will be lifted.

“Our customers should now feel that the world is opening up again for them and that they can book their trips with confidence.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the lifting of the travel ban was “a fantastic boost to business and commerce and great that family and friends on both sides of the pond can be reunited”.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said it was “brilliant” that the US lifted travel bans on fully vaccinated Britons.

He tweeted The brilliant cooperation of our UK / US working group has led to the resumption of transatlantic flights for Doppeljabbed from November! “

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